Still existing problems with vSphere 6.0 Update 1

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Published: Monday, 21 September 2015 08:38

A few days ago VMware released Update 1 for vSphere 6.0. Most customers decide not to upgrade to new major versions until Update 1 or ServicePack 1 or whatever you may call it, is available to fix the most critical bugs. Well, in my experience, vSphere 6.0 RTM release was a bit buggy and waiting for the Update 1 release seemed to be the most appropriate way to keep your vSphere infrastructure up and running. Unfortunately with Update 1 things won't get any better. First Update 1 was a showstopper for alle Veeam installations as VMware changed to SSLv3 and Veeam had problems to connect to the virtual infrastructure. In the meantime Veeam admitted that it was their fault and they provide a hotfix (available via support case and ref id 56246 or within Update 3 coming late September).

More important to note is that VMware announced a general bug in all existing vSphere 6.0 versions that causes the service console connection to drop randomly. This causes ESXi installations to become unmanageable. Currently there is no fix for the bug, only a reboot of the host solves the problem (perhaps only for a while). As the SC connection is also neccessary to move VMs to another host before rebooting it this bug can will probably cause service donwtime. VMware currently provides a workaround and is "aggressively working on a fix", latest information is available at VMware KB2124669.

We have currently only two customers already upgraded to vSphere 6.0 and never seen this problem here. Perhaps it is hardware related, all our vSphere 6 installations run on HP hardware.

So if you waited for Update 1 to solve this problem you probably have to wait for Update 1a or even Update 2.