VMware CBT bug - patch available for vSphere 5.5

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Recently I wrote about a patch available for vSphere 5.1 to solve the CBT bug. On 27th January 2015 (I know, a bit outdated but I was busy :-) ), VMware released patch 4 which addresses the CBT problem in vSphere 5.5 environments.

Once more, just to be sure you understand the problem: even with installed CBT patch, all formerly backups done with an unpatched version of vSphere have to be considered inconsistent. The installation of this patch only prevents future problems with CBT but has NO EFFECT on backups done formerly. So make sure you reset CBT on all your VMs and go back to start.

So for today, all versions under active development and support are patched against the CBT bug and one of the bigger problems in vSphere environments is solved.

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