VMware annnounces EOA for Data Protection Advanced Standalone

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Yesterday, VMware announced end of availability for Data Protection Advanced Standalone as the whole functionality of the Advanced edition will be merged into the Standard edition available with all versions of vSphere. This even includes Essentials Plus bundle.

The Data Protection solution from VMware is a virtual appliance based backup solution that uses hot-add for backing up VMs on the same vSphere cluster. It offers deduplication, encryption and replication, supports single-file restore on Linux and Windows VMs and has a strong integration with EMC dedup solutions like DataDomain or Avamar. This is mainly because the software is based on the Avamar technology from EMC so support for these products is quite simple of course.

To be honest, I never used the VDR or its successor VDP because of the lack of functionality and stability. This is especially true for the VDR version that had strong limitations on the size of backed-up VMs and the scalability was poor. The dedup store often crashed or needed time consuming checks. This version offered nothing I expect from a valid backup solution beyond the cost scope (as it was and still is free with all versions of vSphere). 


With VDP things seemed to change a bit but the really needed features like SQL/Exchange/Sharepoint consistent backups and single item restore from these applications was a feature only the VDP Advanced edition offered. With it's licensing on a CPU base and a list price per CPU of 1400€ including 3y basic support, this edition was to expensive when it comes to comparisions against backup tools like Veeam Backup&Replication. Furthermore, Veeam offered A LOT more features and was able to use hardware proxies to reduce the load on the ESX servers itself. So I never thought about recommending VDP (or the advacnded edition) over Veeam.

With the integration of all advanced features into VDP available with vSphere 6 and hopefully some more pretty little nice features added into the product, the VDP solution could become an option when it comes to find a backup solution for small to midsized businesses that have a homogeneous Windows-based virtual environment and don't want to spent additional money for a backup solution.

Still, each customer has to decide if a more flexible backup solution could be a better fit for him and thus is willing to spent some more money on a backup software but VDP seems to close the (huge) gap to these backup tools and becomes a "worth-thinking-about" solution.

Hope, vSphere 6 will be released soon so I can get some hands-on experience on the new VDP version. 

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