New Veeam tool for Hyper-V released

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The taskmanager from a Windows Hyper-V host only shows CPU and memory usage from the underlying OS. There is no chance to get information about the usage within the VMs running on top of this Hyper-V host using this single pane of glass.

Veeam, once again, helps you with another free-of-charge tool, the Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V. This tool originally is part of the new Veeam Management Pack v7 for System Center but is also made available as separate download. Did I mention it's for free?

The tool will help you in troubleshooting ressource related problems on your Hyper-V hosts by displaying vital information about your host and your VMs in a task manager style.

You can get more information and download location here at Veeam's website.


DataCore Pass-Thru disk not really transparent

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If you ever plan to migrate storage behind a DataCore storage hypervisor and want to use pass-thru disks for a "transparent" migration you have to keep in mind that pass-thru disks are not 100% transparent for specific operating systems.

If a formerly native LUN will be re-presented with the pass-thru disk option in DataCore, the unique identifier (NAA) of the disk will be changed. This is normal behavior and you can't change it back to the original NAA because NAAs are like WWN. They have to be globally unique and are vendor specific in the first digits. So DataCore gives you the ability to change the NAA in a certain degree but you won't be able to change that NAA to reflect the original NAA since the original NAA is bound to the namespace of another vendor.

Because of this it is impossible to have a really 100% transparent pass-thru disk. The NAA will change in any way. Now it only matters how specific operating systems handle such a descriptor change.  

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Veeam B&R v8 is coming Q3/2014

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Veeam Backup and Replication v8, now also titled as Availability Suite v8, is scheduled for Q3/2014, more specific it is scheduled to be GA in September.

Veeam will follow it's traditional way and will reveil new features on a per-month base so you will get information on new features bit by bit.

For now, four new features are already known to be included with v8:

  • Support for NetApp/EMC snapshots. This will be a big thing within NetApp environments and can be seen as a real competitor to NetApps SnapManager Suite
  • Veeam Explorer for SQL. This will bring the ease of use you already know from the Explorer for Exchange and Sharepoint to SQL. A realy cool feature and will definetly make life easier for all SQL restores
  • Veeam Explorer for AD objects. As like the other explorers now restore of AD objects is also supported without the need for AIR
  • Replication enhancements. Now WAN acceleration can also be used for replicas and not only for backup copy jobs.

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Veeam B&R v7 new features

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With Veeam Backup&Replication v7 announced to be available in Q3 2013, Veeam continously publishes new features v7 will bring.

Until now v7 will include these new features:

  • Support vor VMware vCloud Director
  • Full integration in VMware vSphere web client
  • Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Virtual Lab support for Hyper-V
  • Tape support for VTLs, tape libraries and standalone drives

Beside all the other really cool features v7 will offer, tape support is the one that I really love the most. Until v7 you alwys had to use a second "traditional" backup tool to get your Veeam data on tape. Normally that's not a problem because you usually already have such a software running in your environment but consider users that switch to a fully virtualized environment and want to use only a single backup solution? This was impossible until now.

If you want to get more information on these new features and especially on the tape support, follow this link.

Really great job at Veeam. This shows once more that Veeam listens to it's users. I can remember users begging for tape support since a few years and Veeam always told them it's on the roadmap. Okay, it took some time to find it's way from the roadmap to the product but they've done it and that's what I really like at Veeam.

Hope they will continue their great work.

Veem v7 available for download

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Last week, Veeam released the new version of Backup & Replication v7 along with the monitoring software Veeam ONE v7.

Veeam added nearly 100 new features and now makes backup administrator's life more easy than ever before. With new options like tape support and in-built WAN acceleration, hardware snapshot support for HPs StoreServ (3PAR) and StoreVirtual (Lefthand), enhanced Hyper-V support and much much more, Veeam B&R is a more all-in-one backup solution than ever before.

To get an idea of all new features you can have a look at the What's new document directly from Veeam.

Veeam itself talks about a successfull first-day adoption from several customers so no critical bugs have been discovered in the last days. But still be warned if you want to upgrade in the very near future. Beta tests and QA took a long time and Veeam is known to release a prioduct only if it is stable for nearly all situations but you will never catch all gotchas in test environments. So upgrade only in a planned situation and always keep a backdoor open to take the step back to v6.5.

Also keep in mind that upgrading is not the same as a new installation. While upgrading will give you the most compatible way and will probably have no influence on your running Veeam solution, new features are disabled by default to ensure, your backup will continue to run as expected. New installations will have all features enabled by default.

As a member of the beta test team I can only invite all Veeam B&R users to upgrade at their earliest convenience. New features are awesome and really push Veeam a bit more to be the only single backup solution in your environment.

Veeam B&R Cloud Edition released

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Veeam is about to release a new edition of their famous Backup&Recovery software - the Cloud Edition.

With this new edition users will be able to backup and replicate their VMs as usual but this time using cloud providers as target.

Here are some information about the new edition:

  • Supports 15 cloud vendors, including Amazon and Azure
  • No cloud API’s to learn
  • No re-design of local backup processes
  • Encryption on the fly or at rest

You can also watch a short preview video here.

Technically spoken Veeam will support every cloud provider that is built on OpenStack so initially even more than 15 officially announced cloud vendors will be supported.

This new edition is mainly targeted to single-site SMBs to give them the ability to perfom offsite backups. As the edition has built-in OpenStack support Veeam offers a standard for offsite backups, so no need to create custom-built and inflexible solutions anymore.

Veeam B&R v7 adds additional features

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In the last few months, Veeam revealed new features of version 7 of Veeam's Backup & Replication. Some of them I already mentioned on my blog.

Yesterday, Veeam announced two additional "secret" features that were not included in the already revealed 7 new features:

WAN-acceleration and backups from SAN snapshots.

Backup from SAN snapshots is quite cool if you have HP StoreVirtual (former Lefthand) or HP StorServe (former 3PAR) storage systems. Veeam can manage these storage systems to create 100% consistent snapshots on the storage side, mounting it to the Veeam proxy for processing and thus, reducing the load on the production VMs to a minimum. This helps you backing up VMs that have a very high change rate and take long to backup just like fileservers, Exchange servers or SQL database servers. Since the VM will be in snapshotmode only for a very short time, the changes to commit during snapshot removal will be quite low. Cool....


The second feature, WAN-acceleration, will help you in bringing your backups offsite. Because of the huge amount of data snapshot backups still deliver, there has to be an improvement made in the way, these data will get transferred to offsite hosts. Veeam developed a special WAN-accelerator that is optimized for their backup storage archives.

WAN-acceleration will be setup just like the proxy or repository role so it will be quite easy to deploy even without strong knowledge of your network.


Finally, it seems v7 will be another great step to fully automated backup and replication, even offsite or for long retention periods (tape support) with minimal side effects on the performance of your VMs.

Can't wait for Q3/2013 to roll out this new piece of software in our demolab :-)

Veeam B&R 6.5 and Windows Server 2012 Dedup - part II

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This is part II of my Veeam B&R in conjunction with dedup feature of Windows Server 2012.

This time I will try to figure out, if using dedup on the Veeam backup storage only as advantages or if there are some stumbling blocks.

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