Updates for MS SQL Server break Veeam functionality

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Published: Monday, 30 November 2015 08:45

The last few posts about patches introducing problems with Veeam were mainly focused on VMware patches or better said, VMware bugs. This time, Microsoft released some patches for their SQL server products that will hit Veeam in doing it's job correctly.

To be more precise, their latest updates for SQL Server 2012 SP2 (CU7), SQL Server 2014 RTM (CU10) and SQL Server 2014 SP1 (CU3) introduced a major change for the SELECT @@VERSION query. Seems to be a pretty small change but 3rd party vendors like Veeam rely for some of their functionality on the output of the statement above and with this change, the application aware image processing of SQL databases is not possible anymore. Currently the whole impact is unknown but it seems that at least the transaction log handling is affected.

So if you rely on this feature and don't want to wait for Veeam v8 Update 3 or v9, skip the updates mentioned above or at least move them to a time after the Veeam product updates are available.