FlexBackup meets Veeam Cloud Connect

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With Veeam Backup and Replication v8 just around the corner and the new possibilities for simple cloud based backup comming with this new release, TechniData IT Service GmbH extends it's FlexBackup program to support this new version.

Formerly FlexBackup required either a VPN connection or was based on simple SSL encrypted traffic over the internet. With the new Veeam Cloud Connect (VCC) feature integration cloud storage is even more simple to accomplish. All Veeam users already have the required licenses included in every paid version of Veeam B&R, so no additional costs here. All they have to do is upgrade to v8 as soon as it is general available.

On the other side, the provider only has to join the VCC program. Therefore the provider already has to part of the Veeam Cloud Provider (VCP) program. TechniData already has the VCP membership so joining the VCC program is a consequent step.


The customer can then choose the appropriate provder by searching through all posiible VCC partners inside the Veeam B&R GUI. As soon as the customer found the right one, the only thing left to do is contacting the provider for a login account and the estimated space needed. The cloud storage will then be integrated transparently into the GUI just like any other repository. Moving data to the cloud is done by one or more backup copy jobs. WAN acceleration can be used too as long as you have Enterprise Plus Edition in place.

Beside simply becoming VCC partner there are several other important considerations to provide a perfect place for your most important backup data. First you have to be sure your data is secure at the proider. For this reason, TechniData earned IS 27001 certification, a trustworth sign of IT security actively lived in the whole company.

Second your backup data will be secured not only by redundant storage systems but rather by a combination of highly resilient storage and file systems. Using RAID levels to protect your data is not enough, think on problems like rotten bits aka data rot where there can be data loss without any physical errors on the disks. Especially in long term data storage this problem is often underestimated and can lead to problems where you think there couldn't be any.

Third thing to remember is when it comes to restores. Restoring files from the cloud storage is easy, restoring whole VMs with hundreds of GBs is another question. Here is where FlexBackup comes into play. FlexBackup offered several options for desaster recovery right from the start and these options can still be combined with VCC.

So if you think about moving some or most or all of your backup data to the cloud and want something more than a simple cloud harddisk but rather advanced recovery options, think about using FlexBackup from TechniData IT Service GmbH.

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