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During VeeamON, Veeam released a new product line called Veeam Backup for Endpoints. This new product line covers backups from PHYSICAL clients and laptops. The client can run Windows 7 or higher or even Windows Server 2008 and higher.

Backups can be stored on NAS-shares, internal or external harddisk drives attached to the client or even VBR repositories. The backup data is compressed and saved in well known VBK format. Backups can be triggered by logon or logoff or a scheduler.

Restores are available on a file, volume or harddisk base and can be even bare-metal.

Seeing this feature set you can compare the solution to tools like Acronis TrueImage BUT as the name addon "FREE" already implies, this tool is completely free to use at no charge.


Currently Veeam places this product as a complete new product line, standalone and not integrated in Veeam Backup&Replication that is still targeted to virtual infrastructures. But with the already available feature of storing the data in VBK format and using VBK repositories as backup target it should be possible (and perhaps wanted) to integrate the solution into VBR. This would extend VBRs functionality to backup and restore physical servers making it a much more complete backup solution for a heterogenous data center. But until then it will be surely a long way and many political decisions will stand between now and this bright new future as Veeam then would go into direct competition to established backup tools like BackupExec or even NetBackup, DataProtector, SC Data Protection Manager and so on.

But for people like me who love the easyness and functionality of VBR it would be perfect to see Veeam supportting physical servers as well as virtual systems so we can use a single, powerful and working tool for all systems in our datacenter.

So Veeam, keep going on, I hope we will see an integration of both tools within the next year.

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