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Last week, Veeam released the new version of Backup & Replication v7 along with the monitoring software Veeam ONE v7.

Veeam added nearly 100 new features and now makes backup administrator's life more easy than ever before. With new options like tape support and in-built WAN acceleration, hardware snapshot support for HPs StoreServ (3PAR) and StoreVirtual (Lefthand), enhanced Hyper-V support and much much more, Veeam B&R is a more all-in-one backup solution than ever before.

To get an idea of all new features you can have a look at the What's new document directly from Veeam.

Veeam itself talks about a successfull first-day adoption from several customers so no critical bugs have been discovered in the last days. But still be warned if you want to upgrade in the very near future. Beta tests and QA took a long time and Veeam is known to release a prioduct only if it is stable for nearly all situations but you will never catch all gotchas in test environments. So upgrade only in a planned situation and always keep a backdoor open to take the step back to v6.5.

Also keep in mind that upgrading is not the same as a new installation. While upgrading will give you the most compatible way and will probably have no influence on your running Veeam solution, new features are disabled by default to ensure, your backup will continue to run as expected. New installations will have all features enabled by default.

As a member of the beta test team I can only invite all Veeam B&R users to upgrade at their earliest convenience. New features are awesome and really push Veeam a bit more to be the only single backup solution in your environment.

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