HP Insight Remote Advanced discontinued

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Published: Wednesday, 12 November 2014 20:50

HP removed Insight Remote Advanced from general availability. "Insight Remote Support Advanced (RSA) is a software solution comprised of multiple software applications working collectively to monitor managed systems, detect events, and transmit the data to HP for analysis." (taken from the official HP RSA website)

RSA can integrate into HP Systems Insight Manager to manage, monitor and detect errors in HP hardware and automatically open cases including all relevant error data to easy the support call handling. RSA was one of the major improvements to HP SIM to easy admin's life.

During the last few months development of RSA was slowed down and a second tool calls Insight Remote Support (IRS) was introduced. IRS does more or less the same as RSA in combination with HP SIM when it comes to automatic call handling in an event of hardware errors. The HP SIM/RSA combination is much more powerful and can do more for you but this also adds unneeded complexity and maintenenace work if you simply want a "calling home" functionality.

This is where IRS comes into place. This simplified solution monitors HP systems in the same way as SIM does but without the additional maintenance work of a fully featured monitoring solution.

A few months HP supported both applications to do the same job and only recommended SIM/RSA for bigger (more than 3000 systems) installations but with the discontinuance of RSA (latest version is 5.80) you are now forced to switch to IRS if you want full support for Gen8 and Gen9 server systems. There are only a few reasons why you should still go with SIM/RSA:

These systems are currently not supported by IRS.

One day HP SIM will probably being replaced by HP OneView, the new central management application for all HP server and storage hardware. OneView has a general managing approach and will sonner or later extend HP SIMs functionality thus making SIM useless. Currently OneView hasn't been expanded to support all SIM functionality but this will only be a matter of time.

Regarding automatic call handling, this is currently NOT a feature of OV. So if you plan to replace SIM by OV you still have to use IRS additionally. Currently there is no roadmap when or if IRS will be merged into OV at all but in my opinion this is also only a matter of time.

For now the recommendation is to use IRS, perhaps still use HP SIM if you want to but OV is the future. Unfortunately to use OV you have to buy additional client licenses making OV an even more important product for HP. With SIM HP didin't earn money, with OV they can. But that's okay, OV will add a serious amount of managability and this is worth the price.