Quick note on new Lefthand OS 10.0 (formerly SAN/IQ)

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Published: Wednesday, 13 February 2013 19:30

Today I made an upgrade to one of our customer's HP Lefthand P4500 installation.

The installation consists of two P4500 nodes and a virtual failover manager running on VMware vSphere 5.

The version on all nodes before the upgrade was 9.5 with some patches. The new version should be 10.0 with latest patches.

Upgrading the CMC is very easy, either via the CMC upgrade function or manually by downloading the CMC from the HP website and installing over the existing CMC.

The very good news for CMC 10.0 is the support for a proxy to download patches and the ability to sort out unneded patches. Most of you familiar with the older CMC versions know that always ALL patches available on HPs FTP server were downloaded resulting in 2-3GB for an initial download. The speed of HPs FTP server isn't always good so this sometimes took several hours. Since you had no option to select which patches are to be downloaded, you download patches even for SAN/IQ version 7 or 8... not very efficient.

With the new options (you can configure them by editing the CMC preferences) you can choose automatic or manual download, all or selected patches and the bandwith (only "fast" or "normal" bandwith usage) used for the download. And, as already mentioned, you now can set a proxy so the CMC doesn't need direct internet access anymore.


After upgrading CMC and download of all needed patches it was time to start the upgrade of the two P4500 nodes and the FoM. The CMC updater told me that "only" the new SAN/IQ version, the firmware update for the P410 controller and the firmware update for the SAS disks will be installed. For the FoM, only the update to version 10.0 has to be applied.

Cool, seems to be a fast update session...... unfortunately not. Updating all three nodes with the patches mentioned above took nearly 3h. Most of the time the CMC waits for a successful connection to the nodes after reboot. For each reboot and node this takes more than 15min!. It doesn't matter if the SAN/IQ is upgraded as whole of if only the P410i firmware is being upgraded, you will always have to wait for several minutes. I don't want to imagine how long it will take to upgrade a big installation with several nodes and some more patches..... I don't know why it takes so long. The nodes are reachable via ping 1-2 minutes after reboot. No idea what causes the CMC to have such a delay.....

So please keep in mind that upgrading P4000 systems from 9.5 to 10.0 will take a serious amount of time!