HP SmartArray issue

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Published: Tuesday, 20 January 2015 12:50

Happy New Year to everyone. A bit late but since this is my first post in 2015 I take the first chance.

Unfortunately my first post is related to a support document HP released a few days ago regarding problems with SmartArray controllers and hanging servers if you run some really usual check tools.

The advisory states the following adapters to be affected: HP SmartArray Px2x series, Px3x series, B120i and B320i series. So roughly all ProLiant Gen8 servers that had these controllers built in by default. The new Px4x controllers are not affected so Gen9 servers are okay.

The problem occurs in combination with these driver versions for windows:

The problem causes Windows based servers to freeze and stop responding if you run the Windows tool chkdsk with the options /r, /b or /f. With these flags set the chkdsk command uses SCSI to verify volumes and this causes the SA controllers to hang up.

For the B120i and B320i a driver update is already available, the P controllers that have surely a wider installation base still suffer this problem as there is no driver update currently available. HPs workaround suggestion is simply not to use the chkdsk command. Well, a quite basic workaround but it work 100%.

HP defines the driver update as critical so as soon as the new version will be available (or is available for the B-controllers) everyone should immediately install this new version.

Links for the updated drivers can be found in the advisory, the link to the advisory is here.