Update: HP's SSD support policy

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Recently I wrote an article about HP's support policy regarding SSDs. Formerly HP only supported some amount of data written a SSD before access was set to read-only and you had to replace the SSD. The replacement was not covered by your support contract you this caused additional costs.

Now, HP specified it's support policy a bit more detailed and distinguishes between SSDs for the ISS (Industry Standard Server), Mainstream (like Desktops) and Enterprise Storage area.

For ISS and desktops, the already know support policy is still valid so every SSD configured into a server or desktop is still not covered by the servers/desktops carepack. This is also valid for direct attached storage like the D2000 systems.

For the Enterprise Storage market (P2000, EVA, P4000, XP, 3PAR etc.) the careback or support contract covers SSDs that reaches their max lifetime. These SSDs will be replaced as long as there is a valid support contract for the system the SSD is installed in. Keep in mind that for some storage systems like EVA or XP you have to pay an additional fee for every single disk/SSD so this is not really a big deal. But for other storage systems like the P2000 or P4000 where the support contract for the enclosure covers all drives installed too this is really helpful.

Now it's a bit more easier to estimate the cost of ownership for those systems.

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