Storage Cluster Controller on Linux

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FUJITSU's Storage Cluster needs a quorum system to avoid split-brain scenarios like any other cluster based setup. This function is provided by the Storage Cluster Controller (SCC) software, a part of the SF Agent. 

The SF Agent is already supported for a long period of time on Windows and Linux operating systems but the SCC was only supported on Windows OS. This required a dedicated VM or even worse, a physical hardware with a Windows Server operating system. The SCC is only a minimal agent that uses two plain text files for configuration and operation. So no obvious reason why only Windows is supported as OS.

With latest update to SF Agent (version 16.6 from Dec 2017), the SCC is now also supported on Linux operating systems. This can reduce implementation costs especially if you run the quorum on dedicated hardware as a Windows server OS is not required anymore. But keep in mind that SF Agent is only supported on RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7 and Solaris 10/11.

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