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DataProtector's VMware vCloud Director integration

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With new version 7.0.1 DataProtector now supports VMware's vCloud Director with it's Virtual Environment Protection Agent (VEPA).

This is pretty cool because now you can connect to vCloud Director's database and get all needed information to backup and restore VMs on a vDC base.

The installation is quite straight forward and if you already have a server with VEPA component installed, all you have to do is importing your vCloud Director cells (the servers on which vCloud Director is running) as a vCloud Director client in DataProtector and provide login credentials for a user that has access to all vDCs you want to backup. There is no need to install any DP component on these servers. Only TCP port 443 is needed to be open between the DP cell manager and the vCloud cells.


DP vcloud

After this is done, you can create your first backup job....

Choose "Blank Virtual Environment Agent" as template and proceed....

DP vcloud2

In the next window, choose one of your recently imported vCloud Director cells under "Client" and the server with the VEPA integration as "Backup Host". Wait a few seconds as DP now connects to the vCloud Director cell and loads information about existing vDCs. After this is done, you should see something like this:

DP vcloud3

If you get an error complaining about "Integration cannot be configured properly" or "The configuration check failed" then you will be prompted to check username and password you provided to access the vCloud Director service.

DP vcloud4

Make sure you have provided an account with the needed rights.

If you are 100% sure that the user and password is correct then you probably have a loadbalancer in front of your vCloud Directors and use an alternate URL to access your vCloud Director.

In my demolab, we use a Stingray loadbalancer appliance in front of two vcloud Director cells. The two cells are named vcloudcon01.demo.lab and vcloudcon02.demo.lab. With these names the two servers are imported in DataProtector.

The loadbalancer listens on https://vcloud.demo.lab. To make vCloud Director work properly behind a loadbalancer you normally configure an VCD public URL within the properties of vCloud Director. This is done in the "Administration" tab when you are logged in as administrative user

DP vcloud5

Now, when you connect to the vCloud Director via the FQDN of one of the vCD cells directly, you will get redirected to the VCD public URL.

In combination with DataProtector this leads to a little problem. If you import the cells with their FQDN (as done in this article), DP tries to access the vCD database with their FQDN. So the first connection goes from cell manager to vCloud director with tcp port 443. Then the vCloud Director answers and within this answer, it redirects the next connection the VCD public URL (the URL from the loadbalancer). So the next connection between DP cell manager and the vCloud Director will go over the loadbalancer.

This is not a problem if your loadbalancer, vCloud cells and DP server are on the same subnet but could lead to problems if the loadbalancer is in another subnet as the DP cell mamager.

So to cut a long story short, you have to make sure that TCP port 443 is open between DP cell manager, vCloud cells and any used loadbalancer.


After you have successfully opened all needed ports and can choose your Org/vDC within the DP backup wizard, you can proceed to add vDCs, VMs etc. to the list of backed up items.

DP vcloud6

Backup of vCD vApps is done exactly the same way as "normal" VMs using the VEPA integration. So if you a re already familiar with this integration you won't have problems using it in a VMware vCloud Director environment.



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