Certified for Datacore Hot Upgrade

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Yesterday I took the training for the hot update process for SANmelody/SANsymphony to SANsymphony-V.

The course is a self-paced online course in a testlab. You have two SSY7 nodes running on W2K8R2 SP1 and a single app server also running W2K8R2 SP1. Within the Datacore environment there are nearly all features configured you have access to in this version e.g. snapshots, AIM, static pools etc.

You now have to migrate to SSY-V without loosing access from the app server to the virtual disks. This is metered by IOMeter running in the background.

The course is straight forward and if you take care about the steps mentioned in the upgrade guide and have a good understanding on how to work with SSY you probably won't have much problems.

I needed nearly 4h to complete but most of the time you spent on thinking about how to fill out the form Datacore gives you in advance :-) This is some times misleading and not so easy to understand but when you're done with this sheet you have most of the work done.

My environment was a bit crippy, I was unable to apply config changes from one side but still upgrading was successfull.

Datacore needed 4h after sending the "all done" email to them to respond with a "successfully done" mail and a new certificate.


There is only one little problem I see in the upgrade process: the test lab was already running on W2K8R2 SP1, a situation we will probably rarely find out in the fields because most SMY/SSY installations will run on W2K8 (without R2). So upgrading the OS prior to upgrading to SSY-V will be neccessary and this will sometimes create more problems than upgrading to SSY-V itself.

  I will keep you informed once I have my first "all-in-one" upgrade done.

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