Datacore SSY-V 9 vCenter integration

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Datacore implemented a VMware vCenter integration in their SSY-V 9 product.

With this integration you now can import your vCenter server system in Datacore and manage all storage related tasks via the SSY-V GUI. Do not mix up this new feature with the vSphere client plugin from Datacore. This is another plugin and gives you the ability to create/serve and unserve vDisks from within vSphere client. While the vSphere client plugin needs to be installed separately, the new vCenter integration works out-of-the-box without any additional software installation.

SSYV vCenter


Function set

  • import vCenter server system and automatically create hosts entries in SSY-V for the ESX servers managed by this vCenter
  • automatically import VMs as hosts in SSY-V so you can serve vDisks via iSCSI to them
  • create and server vDisks/group of vDisks while setting path policy simultaneously (RoundRobin is default)

    SSYV vCenter pathpolicy


This feature is licensed in every vL version from SSY-V 9 and doesn't need any additional steps to work.


How to start

Simply click on an empty space in your hosts register and choose "Register VMware vCenter".


SSYV vCenter registration


Enter credentials to connect to vCenter server and wait for the initialization to finish. This can take up to a minute and afterwards you see a new host with the known vCenter logo.

Hint: if you already had your ESX servers registered and vDisks served before you registered the vCenter server, your ESX hosts will appear twice but the hosts underneath the vCenter entry do not have a port assigned.
To resolve that issue, follow these steps:

  • set one ESX after the other into maintenance mode
  • unserve all vDisks from the ESX
  • unregister the ESX host
  • unregister the vCenter server object
  • reregister the vCenter server
  • remap the vDisks to the new ESX server object underneath the vCenter object
  • Repeat the steps above


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