SANsymphony-V 9.0 PSP1 released

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On 11/12/2012 DataCore released PSP1 for SANsymphony-V 9.0.

The PSP1 is considered a bugfix release with only a few enhancements.

Since there are 5 critical and 20 non-critical bugs addressed in PSP1 all customers should update as soon as possible.

Here are the critical bugs that have been addressed:

  • A system crash occurred in the DataCore Fibre Channel driver‟s VMware‟s vSphere VAAI code.
  • A system crash occurred in the DataCore Fibre Channel driver after doing multiple volume replacement operations.
  • A system crash occurred in the DataCore SCSIport driver.
  • A system crash occurred in the DataCore SCSIport driver when a disk rescan occurred at the same time all I/O was being terminated
  • System memory was depleted and performance was impacted when running a large number of replication streams.

Update is done within a few minutes (except the mirror sync wait time). You can get the update from DataCore's Technical Support site

One thing to mention is the fix for the rebalancing of existing data over newly added pool disks. Here is the corresponding snippet from the release notes:

Problem:  After upgrading, no disk pool rebalancing took place and counters for storage allocation units migrated was 0.
Cause: An incorrect check was made to see if auto-tiering license was enabled before migrations took place.
Resolution: A code change was made to not require auto-tiering to be licensed in order to perform pool balancing.

I wrote an article about this "problem" a few weeks ago and with PSP1 it should be fixed.


I've already installed the new PSP1 within our lab and additionally installed all available MS hotfixes up to today and can't see any problems.

So don't wait too long for PSP1 to be installed.

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