SSY-V: livestop only with password with v10 PSP4 and above

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For all DCIE the livestop command is a very powerful and often used command to bring the SSY-V software back on track. The livestop command restarts the management services of SSY-V without affecting the storage virtualization layer, so I/O still can pass the system. Formerlay wirh SANmelody or SANsymphony the virtualization layer and the management layer were backed by two different services, so one was able to restart one of them without the other. With SSY-V DataCore merged both functions into a single service making the restart of the management a bit harder to do.

Livestop is normally required by the DataCore support whenever you open a case and something is wrong on the management layer. Unfortunatley in some of our installations livestop is rather common because we heavily use the Powershell to gather information about the DataCore environment to use them in ICINGA/Nagios. Although Datacore offers tons of perf counters but the ones we need aren't native available so we have to calculate them by getting data with powershell and combine them to get what we want.

The powershell implementation seems to have some kind of memory bug because after a while (and this can be only a few days), the management services denies access via powershell. I already wrote about this problem here.

The root cause was never found by DataCore support although we had calls open with them. The workaround was always to do a livestop.

Exactly this problem now occured once again after we upgraded to SSY-V 10 PSP4 Update1. As usual we tried to to a livestop but this time the command didn't complete. First I checked for some kind of typo but everything was fine. The printed messages an the screen told me that from now on I have to provide a password with the livestop command and this password is changed on a daily base. WHAT THE HELL...... I mean, I understand Datacores concerns about someone doing livestops without the needed knowledge. Sometimes a livestop can produce more problems than solving them but for such reoccuring tasks (and there are other examples to mention here) the "self-service" livestop keeps the business of DataCore's support low and solves the problems. Now I have to open a case EACH time I want to restart the management services and sometimes I will spent unneeded time to wait for the support team to provide the password. Okay, I have to admit I never tried to get the password within a chat session but chats are for prio 1 calls and I don't think that getting errors from powershell is a prio 1.


So be warned if you upgrade to PSP4 Update1, you will loose some flexibility in self-solving your problems and I hope this change is worth the additional work at DataCore support.

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