DataCore iSCSI best practice guide

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It's been a while since my last blog entry on this page. Don't worry, I'm still alive and will keep this blog updated but other things were more important the first weeks of the year so I disregarded my blogging a bit.

Back on track I will give you a short information about a "new" best practice guide from DataCore. For a long time DataCore was a bit close-lipped regarding iSCSI configuration recommendations. Obviously they focused on FC installations and handled iSCSI as a "should work right out of the box" setup. I remember opening a case and asking support about jumbo frames a two or three years ago. This case is still open.....

But in the meantime DataCore did their homework and created a perfect guide for iSCSI implementations. The main sentence still is "everything should work out of the box" but the details followed by this main sentence are quite detailed. They talk about jumbo frames, receive side scaling, latencies etc. in this 10 page document and it's worth reading it for all DCIE who are about to install iSCSI based SSY-V solutions.

For all other guys like admins this guide is also a must-read and gives you some valuable background information on iSCSI protocol.

You can get the guide at (you will need a support login to view or download this guide).

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