DataCore Host Integration Toolkit 2.0 released

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It took some! some time but finally DataCore released their MPIO software and VSS provider in version 2.0.

This new version primarily adds support for using ALUA with Windows hosts. With ALUA enabled hosts you can use the preferred server option and your host will automatically use one of the preferred pathes to the storage without manual setup. This seems to be a very simple feature but it really took a long time for DataCore to support ALUA with Windows hosts and their own MPIO software.

Other added features are that HIK now is based on the native MPIO DSM from Windows and an upgraded MPIO console with additional status information and diagnostics.

Beside the new features there are some known issues you should be aware of. Worth mentioning is a "bug" that could cause a system crash if you delete one of the optimized/preferred pathes within the SSY-V console. This is something you should alwass keep in mind when playing around with path settings in the SSY-V GUI.

All other known issues can be found in the release notes for v2.0.

As always, the new version can be obtained for free for all users with a valid support contract from the DataCore software repository. 


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