DataCore Host Integration Kit 1.0 Update 1 released

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DataCore recently released Host Integration Kit (HIK) 1.0 Update 1. HIK is a package containing MPIO software and VSS provider for Windows Server 2008R2.

Update1 brings these bug fixes:

  • Critical: DataCore MPIO did not fail back automatically when there were multiple paths available to the same DataCore Server
  • Normal: The DataCore MPIO driver unnecessarily failed a path
  • Normal: The DataCore MPIO driver (DcsMPIO.sys) was not removed when uninstalling the Host Integration Kit
  • Normal: The DataCore VSS „resync‟ action did not function correctly
  • Normal: The VSS „break‟ and „mask‟ actions only operated on shadow copies that had been imported
  • Normal: The VSS log file (VSSLog.txt) was not updated consistently


  • Support for Windows Server 2012 
  • Allow the Host Integration Kit to be installed on Windows Domain Controllers
  • Display the DataCore MPIO version number in the „help about‟ box
  • Allow DataCore MPIO to be installed on a SANsymphony-V Management Console. Note: It cannot be installed a server with the Server Component installed

Additionally with Update1, the Powershell cmdlets were removed from the HIK package. They have to be installed from the SSY-V server setup package using "Custom installation mode". Reason for this was to make the cmdlet version independant from the VSS and MPIO versions.


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