SANsymphony-V and VMware Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) Certification

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VMware introduced Metro cluster certification for storage systems a couple of months ago. As the term "Metro Storage Cluster" is not hardly defined, everyone can use it in the way he wants.

For DataCore users that ever opened a call at VMware the default answer from VMware was that a two node SSY-V cluster is a Metro Cluster setup but not certified by VMware thus resulting in an unsupported configuration. No good starting point if you want support from VMware.

Checking with DataCore, this statement from VMware is wrong. VMware uses the term metro cluster for active-passive setups that work in a completely different way than DataCore does. As DataCore is an active-active storage array the metro cluster certification is NOT NEEDED to have the setup being fully supported by VMware.

Unfortunately this is not clearly officially stated neither by DataCore nor by VMware so if you ever get a "non-supported-configuration" deny by VMware support insist that DataCore doesn't need a metro cluster certification as it isn't a setup that needs a certification. 

This misunderstanding is known by DataCore and they are working on an official statement from both vendors but this could take some additional time.



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