Upgrading DataCore OS from Server 2008R2 to Server 2012

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With the release of PSP2 for SSY-V9 there is now support for Windows Server 2012 as the SSY-V's underlying operating system.

Time to get our demo lab upgraded to the latest MS operating system release....

This blog entry will give you a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade the OS with as little impact as possible to your storage environment.

First, let's have a look at the starting point: we have two DataCore Servers (DCS) running Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 and SSY-V 9.0 PSP1 Update 1. The two servers are in the same server group, have local attached disks for storage, use iSCSI as mirror and frontend ports and additional FC as frontend ports. By the way, it doesn't really matter if you use only iSCSI, iSCSI combined with FC or only FC. A simple FC environment is a bit easier to upgrade but it shouldn't be a problem either in a iSCSI environment.


Okay, let's start.... the steps mentioned below are to be followed in this exact order to keep impacts low

  • Update SSY-V 9.0 PSP1 Update1 to PSP2 as usual with one node after the other. (While updating to PSP2 in my environment the installer throws an error about some iSCSI NICs unable to update with the latest driver provided my DataCore. Simply ignore these errors and proceed. After the reboot of the host, check in the device manager for yellow exclamation marks on your iSCSI interfaces. If you find some, choose the affected NIC and select "update driver". For the driver, choose c:\Program files\Datacore\SANsymphony and include subfolders. This should reinstall the correct driver and the exclamation mark will go away.)
  • After having both DCS on PSP2, create a backup for your configuration. You can do that by selecting the server group -> server group actions -> backup configuration


    First, of course, you have to define where to store your backup file for each server. This is done in the server properties tab under "Settings".
    After the backup is done you will have a .cab file on each DCS in the defined backup directory. Copy both cab-files to a save location, you will need them after the OS replacement.
  • Export your LAN configuration on a windows command line with "ipconfig /all > c:\ipconfig_servername.txt" on both DCS and copy the two files to the same location where you have your backup cab-files.
  • Stop the first DCS (DCS1) via the SSY-V GUI to have a consistent state
  • Shutdown DCS1
  • Disconnect all mirror connection (FC or iSCSI, whatever you use)
  • Disconnect your backend connections (if you have external storage attached via iSCSI or FC. In our case we have internal hard disks and disconnecting them would cause the RAID controller to scream so I keep them connected. If you leave your backend storage connected, take care which disk you will use to install the OS)
  • Reinstall Server 2012 on the OS disks - !!take care which disk you choose to install the OS on (see point right above).!!
  • Base-configure your new Server 2012 (use the same name and workgroup your "old" DCS1 used)
  • Patch the 2012 server installation
  • Install your hardware vendor's management/driver tools package
  • Recreate network setting by using the ipconfig.txt file created above for this server
  • You do not need to install .Net Framework 4 as Windows Server 2012 comes with enabled .Net Framework 4.5 which is okay for SSY-V
  • Create a new directory called C:\Program files\Datacore\SANsymphony\Recovery
  • Copy the backup .cab-file for DCS1 in the "Recover"-directory
  • Copy SSY-V 9.0 PSP2 installation file to DCS1 and execute
  • During the installation (right before the installation is finished) you will see a pop-up window that tells you a configuration file is found and asks you if you whish to restore the config. Choose yes and let the installation finish.
    If you do not get this pop-up you probably have copied your cab-file to the wrong location. Check it.
    If you are sure that you have the cab file in place, follow these instructions (taken from the official SSY-V help):
    • Open a Windows PowerShell window and change the directory to the SANsymphony-V installation folder.
    • In the installation folder, run the script EmergencyRepair.ps1 with the following parameters:
      • .\EmergencyRepair.ps1 /reinstall [complete path to cab file containing configuration files]
        For example:
        c:\Program Files\DataCore\SANsymphony> .\EmergencyRepair.ps1 /reinstall c:\Program Files\DataCore\SANsymphony\Recovery\BACKUP_2010_10_31_15_02_24_SERVER1.cab
  • Shutdown DCS1
  • Reconnect all disconnected connections (mirror, backend)
  • Start DCS1
  • Login as the same user you used for the installation and let the installation finish
  • Open the SSY-V GUI on DCS1
  • You should now see your known setup, server group, servers, disk pools etc.
  • If you use iSCSI for mirroring, you have to reconnect to the partner DCS via the iSCSI Initiator console from MS. Open the iSCSI initiator console, add the mirror ip addresses from the partnered DCS and click on "Connect". When all connections are up, proceed to the next step
  • In the SSY-V GUI check if everything looks good (pools, mirror ports) and then start the virtualization
  • Wait for all mirrors to resync

That's all for DCS1. It is now running on Server 2012. For DCS2 simply follow the same procedure as for DCS1.

Don't forget to update your Datacore documentation and upload it to Datacore's support so they know your "new" environment.

Update: even though the installation runs fine it seems that after restoring the saved configuration the upgraded DCS will be in a "crashed" state no matter if you formlery shutdown the DCS in a proper way or not. You will get the alert that the DCS was not shutdown properly and you have to start the virtualization manually via the GUI. Since the DCS is in a crashed state a full resync of all mirrored disks will start. 

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