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Published: Tuesday, 03 June 2014 15:05

As I see SSY-V10 as a critical update for earlier versions (I already wrote an article about v10 and the critical bugfixes included) I want to be allowed to install v10 as soon as possible in production environments. To be allowed to do so you have to pass the DCIE for SSY-V v10 test. The process is described in FAQ 1350 on the technical support site of DataCore.

The test includes 60 multiple-choice questions and you need a passing score of 85% correct answers. DataCore gives all DCIEs the chance to pass this test until December 2014. Until then you have to pass or.... no idea what happens then, this is not mentioned in the FAQ :-) But if you do not manage to take the test until then you probably don't need your DCIE certification anymore....

The questions are sometimes a bit hard to understand but there is always only one corrct answer and you have 1h for completion. Additionally if you need it you can access the product documentation or any other ressource on the internet that may help you.

Before you take the test you should attend the webinar for v10, available at http://www.datacore.com/Support/Class-Calendar.aspx . The webinar is called SANsymphony-V 10.0 Differences  (WBR-EWT-105-BU1) and is a 18min guided tour through the new features of v10. To be honest, the webinar won't help you very much in passing the test as most of the questions will deal with features already available since v8 but as a experienced DCIE the test shouldn't be a big problem.

After submitting your answers you get an email within 5min that tells you if you've passed or failed but there is no information which score you reached or which answers were (in)correct. So if you fail you have no idea where you have to dig a bit deeper to get the knowledge. But this is quite normal in such tests and not specific to DataCore. You simply have to continue learning :-)

To cut a long story short, I passed my test and I'm now allowed to install/update SSY-V v10. Yeah.....