SSY-V10 Potential for data corruption

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Today DataCore support astonished with a warning for potential data corruption when using SSY-V 10 with VMware's thin provisiong technology. In SSY-V10 there is a new driver taht supports thin provisiong thresholds. This driver seems to have a bug that can lead to data corruption. DataCore plans to address this issue in Update1 for SSY-V10 scheduled to be availabe in early September.

This is really astonsihing as v10 seemed to be a very stable product within the weeks since it was released end of May this year. We had already upgraded several customers to v10 as the new release also fixes some critical bugs from v9 so it seems we have to touch those systems once more in the next few days.

For those already upgraded to v10 you can request this special hotfix immediately via technical support.

Last but not least, here is the official email from DataCore support received today:

Potential for Data Corruption - Hotfix Available

In SANsymphony-V we changed the way we work in order to support VMware Thin Provisioning Thresholds. In doing so, we have seen that there is now the potential for a timing issue to take place that can cause data corruption. In order to protect against the possibility of corrupting data, we have redesigned and tested a new driver. The revised driver will be included in SANsymphony-V 10.0 Update1, which we are hopeful will be released in early September, and we suggest holding back any upgrades to SSV10 until that update is available. If you already have customers running SSV 10.0 there is a Hotfix we can provide to protect against this until Update1 is released. Please open an incident and contact support requesting this hotfix for those customers, and when Update1 is released please upgrade as soon as possible after its release.

Your Technical Support Team.

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