Changing dcsadmin password during upgrade

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If you ever try upgrading your SSY-V installation from eg. 8.1 to 9.0 you will see, that the setup routine asks you at the end of the upgrade to re-enter the password for the dcsadmin account.

Sometimes it happens that you don't have this password. The reasons for this to happen could be that someone else installed the older version and forgot you to tell the password or you didn't write it down or whatever else. Normally you should be aware of the need to reenter the password because you have read the upgrade instructions. So you would have never start upgrading if you don't have the password. But sometimes you don't care......

The problem now is, you are already on the new version on the first DCS because your setup routine already replaced all installation files with new versions and so you are unable to rollback in a easy and timely way.

Don't worry, nothing's lost, there is a surely unsupported but working solution to fix that problem.


  1. On the DCS you already updated, keep the setup wizard open at the point where you are asked to enter the password for the dcsadmin account.
  2. Manually change the password of the dcsadmin account in the Windows "local users and groups" control panel
  3. Enter the new password in the setup wizard. The wizard now should finish successfully
  4. In the service control panel change the startup mode of the "Datacore Executive service" to manual
  5. Reboot the updated DCS
  6. Wait for the reboot to complete and logon to the updated DCS
  7. Logon to the non-updated DCS
  8. Changing the dcsadmin password while the DCS service is running can be accomplished by using a powershell script. Unfortunately this script is only available in v9 and higher. Since you already updated your first DCS to v9 you can get the script from there. Copy the script "Set-DCSadminPassword.ps1" from the SSY-V installation directory on the updated DCS to the SSY-V installation directory on the non-updated DCS. Do not bother about the script only being available in v9 and not in v8. The script only calls functions that are also available in v8 so you can use this script in v8 too.
  9. Run the script with "Set-DcsAdminPassword.ps1 -Password newpassword" where newpassword is the password you already used on the updated DCS as new password in a powershell window on the outdated DCS. Don't care about some red error lines. The script is written for v9 where there is an additional SNMP service beside the Datacore Executive service and the script tries to change the password for this service too. Take also care about your password policy so the new password matches this policy. The script won't take care about password policies and if the password is not "valid" the script can't run successfully. More information on the script can be found at DataCores official SSY-V webhelp.
  10. The script will change the password of the dcsadmin in the windows user administration as well as in the DCSX service properties.
  11. After the password change, the script will ask you if this is the last server you want to update the password for. In a two node configuration this is the last server as you already manually changed the password on the first node during step 2-3. Type in "Y" and press Enter.
  12. Now here comes the important part. Since you currently only have your second node running and serving all your disks, isn't restarting the DCSX service a bad idea? You expect to loose access to all your vdisks. Fortunately, the script only makes a so called livestop of the dcsx service. This is more or less the same as restarting the management level but the storage level remains running without interruption. So lay back and let the script restart your services.
  13. After the script returns a successful change of your dcsadmin password you can cross-check the change by trying to connect to the DCS-server with RDP by using the dcsadmin account and the new password. If your connection completes, everything is okay.
  14. The non-updated server now is running with new credentials, time to restart you already upgraded first DCS. Switch to this server, open the services control panel, set the start up mode for the DataCore Executive Service from manual to automatic, start the service manually this time and wait until it is successfully started
  15. Open the SSY-V management console on the already upgraded server, logon (since you started the service manually only a few moments ago, it's possible that you will get a timeout while trying to logon for the first time. Simply wait a few more seconds and retry) and start the Datacore server.
  16. After a few more moments all mirrored vdisks should begin to recover.
  17. Wait for all mirrors to be up-to-date and proceed with upgrading the second DCS as usual.

This solution is not officially supported and you should always have a strong knowledge of what you do especially in a DataCore environment. Simply resetting passwords without deep knowledge what will happen can cause complete loss of access to your data. So as always, if you are unsure contact Datacore support.

The solution worked for me in a two node configuration while upgrading from 8.1 to 9 but I can't guarantee that these procedure will work in your special situation. But perhaps it can give you some hints what you can do to solve your special situation.

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