SSY-V installation on Server 2012 failed with BSOD

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Published: Wednesday, 20 February 2013 09:13

As mentioned in my last blog entry I'm currently upgrading our test lab's Datacore server from Windows Server 2008R2 to Windows Server 2012.

On the first DCS, the upgrade and reinstallation of SSY-V went smoothly. Upgrading the second DCS went smoothly too until I started the SSY-V installation routine and the installer tried to update the iSCSI drivers. In this moment, the server blue-screened with the well known NMI error.

Since I used PSP2 and in the meantime PSP2 Update 1 was released fixing some installation bugs, I tried this version but got the same result.

Trying some more times always resulted in BSOD with NMI error.

The hardware is a quite old HP DL180G6 with Broadcom NICs and QLogic FC adapters so I rembered that NMI errors could be caused in conjunction with QLogic adapters. The release notes for PSP2 state that the NMI errors with Qlogic adapters are solved and they never occured during installation phase but always during reinitialization in normal operation mode. So quite unlikely that this is the cause of my problems.

Since my first DCS already was on Server 2012 I decided to check for installed updates. On the first DCS there were 16 updates installed, DCS2 had 24 updates. I did a manual comparison and uninstalled all updates on DCS2 that weren't present on DCS1. Giving the installer another try.... still got the NMI error.

I checked for other differences and found that I installed latest HP support package on DCS1. Since the server is quite old only a few driver packages were installed and I didn't see any link between the installed drivers and the BSOD. Nevertheless I installed the same drivers on DCS2, rebooted and fired up another installation routine.

What should I say? It worked like a charm. Installing some marginal drivers that shouldn't have any influence on the system did the trick.

So if you ever get a NMI BSOD during SSY-V installation make sure you have all available drivers from your hardware vendor installed, no matter how marginal they seem to be.