SSY-V 9.0 PSP1 Update1 released

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Today DataCore released Update1 for SSY-V9.0 PSP1 containing a critical and two normal bug fix.

  • Critical: A storage pool may be marked as failed or offline, although the physical disks appear to be healthy.
  • Normal: After serving and unserving virtual disks to a VMware host and subsequently restarting the DataCore Executive service,
    an exception occurred and an error was displayed stating that there was a missing port.
  • Normal: After upgrading from 8.1 PSP1 U4 to 9.0 PSP1, an exception occurred on some monitor triggers.

Because of the critical bugfix it is mandatory to apply to anyone with SANsymphony-V 9.0 Update1 or PSP1 as soon as possible.

You are required to contact DataCore Technical Support before applying this update!

Before applying this patch make sure you have these .Net Framework4 patches installed:

  • KB2540745
  • KB2640103
  • KB2533523



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