SSY-V client manual path change

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After upgrading from SANmelody/SANsymphony to SANsymphony-V and also updating Datacore's MPIO to v3.0.2 or HIK, the ability to manually change the active path from within a Windows client OS is not supported anymore. You can right-click on the available pathes but all choices are greyed out so you can't select them.

Sometimes you want or need to manually set the active path from the client so how can you do that in SSY-V? It depends on the client's OS. You can use native MPIO software on the client, for example in VMware's ESX you can do it via the path policy manager at datastore/LUN level.

In Linux you can do it by using the multipathd tools.

But what about Windows? Well, this is not supported anymore. If you still want to manually change the active path you can go to the SSY-V GUI and change the "Preferred server" option. This will cause the active path to move to the newly configured preferred server. This will work with ALUA and non-ALUA activated Windows hosts (BTW, ALUA activation is only supported if you use the Windows native MPIO software. Do not enable ALUA when using Datacore's MPIO/HIK).
After changing the preferred server you do not have to manually rescan for devices, the change will automatically take effect after a few seconds (30-45sec in my tests, check within the Datacore MPIO console).
The path change will not interrupt I/O, it will be transparent for your OS (tested with running IOmeter application an the affected volume)

One short note: if you have multiple pathes from the same Datacore server to the client, you can only change the Datacore server serving the disk, you can not define which path from this server will be active (better said, I haven't found a solution for this up to now).

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