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Back in business

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Hi everybody, I just want to inform the internet that will be back in business in the next few days.

I do this blog mainly in my free time and the last few years my family had absolute priority so please forgive me neglecting my blog in this time. As kids grew up the free time will hopefully a bit more and I have more time to do writing down my experience with new technologies and describe problems I stumbled across. I got great feedback during the first years of this blog and I'm convinced that my information provided help to a significant amount of readers so I'm very motivated to publish new articles.

 In the meantime my focus changed a bit, so DataProtector for example isn't a focus anymore. Don't get me wrong, DP is still a good product for special cases but for the majority of customers, DP is too "old-school" and complicated in comparision to products like Veeam. Most of my customers changed to Veeam with only three customers still using DP. This is a significant reduction and because of this, I will probably drop DP from my blog. If you are still interested in news about DP send me a comment.

 Simplivity and CloudByte will also be dropped. Simplivity just because there are solutions on the market that are nearly as good as Simplivity but much cheaper and more flexible and I want focus on open and flexible solutions like VMware vSAN, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct or DataCore's HCI solution.

CloudByte was a newcomer on the market and we got great expectations on this technology as it could become a real alternative to NAS systems like the ones from NetApp or to be an opponent to disk based backup solutions like EMCs DataDomain or HPEs StoreOnce. Unfortunately it felt short on our expectations and especially in the dedup area and usage as a backup appliance it was way behind our requirements. So still it will have some use cases but not that much to be a focus technology for me or my company.

One more key focus will be introduced on this blog: Fujitsu server and storage systems. As a former HPE-only company we spent a lot of time implementing HPE systems at customer site not looking left and right for other vendors. As HPEs strategy regarding partners and product portfolio went a bit confusing, we started to give another player a chance. That was Fujitsu and we are really pleased with them in the meanwhile. Very good product portfolio (not that big as HPE but more streamlined and continuously and "designed and made by FTS" (in opposite to HPE that is continuously buying 3rd party companies)) and very good partner support. Both things are mandatory if you want to be successful in the on-prem market. Switching to new technology and vendors is always a challenge but FTS supported us very well and today we have a strong knowledge in the main areas. Several successful projects are already implemented with new ones come in nearly every day.

To cut a long story short: is back in business! Have fun!  


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