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Information Rollup June 2015

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It's been a while since my last blog post on this site. I was quite busy for the last few weeks and also on vacation so please excuse the long pause. On the other hand there was nothing special I came across the last weeks to justify a whole article about. So I decided to make some kind of rollup to give you latest information about the main topics I cover on v-strange.




Starting with DataCore SANsymphony-V, PSP2 was released mid of May this year. I already wrote an article about the new features so I won't repeat them here. PSP2 seems to be quite stable, we have most of our customers already upgraded to PSP2 and no problems were identified. Additionally, DataCore itself hasn't pushed out an update to PSP2 so obviously this version is either quite stable or noone uses the new features :-) So for all who are still on lower version see PSP2 as stable and ready for production environments.



DP 9.0 patch 3 is the latest version available. Nothing special here to mention except the latest support roadmap on older versions. Version 7.0x is the oldest version still under support by HP and it will continue to be supported until June 30, 2016. So enough time to plan for an upgrade if you still use it. Version 8.0x has the same end of support date.One year later, June 30, 2017 DP 8.1x will be end of support.


HP Hardware

Most important storage systems HP 3PAR and MSA don't show any important news, except file persona for 3PAR systems that renders StoreServe products into a NAS/block storage combination. I already wrote about that but we see that HP has stilla long way to go until it reaches feature parity with systems from NetApp or EMC regarding the NAS area.



Rumors state that Simplivity will be soon available on Cisco UCS platform. Currently if you buy a Omnicube node it is based on Dell hardware. For all who want to use Simplivity as a product but don't want to rely on Dell hardware, Simplivity plans to carry the Omnicube to the UCS platform. That is quite easy in theory as an Omnicube only consits of a piece of standard server hardware, a virtual machine running on VMware ESXi and a special PCIe adapter card that does all the storage magic like deduplication, compression and acceleration. Moving this card to a new hardware platform seems to be enough. The Dell version will remain on the market, Simplivity simply gives customers a choice which hardware vendor to be used. Perhaps other vendors will follow.
BTW, as far as I know, support for Hyper-V is still only on the roadmap but no release date available.



B&R v9 is coming Q3 2015 adding support for new features, including DaaS (Desaster Recovery as a service). DaaS is based on replication features already available but using cloud privider as a target. Could be a good way to extend functionality in our own FlexBackup product.
In the meantime update 2b is available for B&R v8 that improves major areas of B&R so it is a must-have for all Veeam users.



vSphere 6 is now on the market for about 3,5 months and even if it had a very long beta test phase some really ridiculous erros found their way into the RTM code. CBT and backup functionality in special had serious bugs that actualy had to be discovered in such a beta test. I can't understand why noone at VMware tested that basic functionality. As all users were affected by these bugs I can't believe this bug was oversighted by the QA.
Nevertheless, patches are available to resolve those issues and even the ISOs in the download area of VMware were updated and now show version 6.0.0a as a sign that the RTM code is already patched and noone will encounter these problems. So please make sure you replace the old ISOs you probably downloaded the day vSphere 6 became available with the new ISOs from the VMware download area.
Except the backup bugs vSphere 6 seems to be a stable product so most of our customers now think about upgrading to version 6.


That's all for today, hope there will be less time until the next blog entry.



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