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//FlexBackup is going to be released

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Using Veeam Backup&Replication for the past few years, I was always impressed by their functionality, stability and creativity. So I always recommend customers to use this tool whenever.

A few months ago, my company TechniData IT Service GmbH became official Veeam Cloud Provider so now we can also provide this kind of data security for all customers that hosts their systems in our datacenter.

This was a very important step towards simplifying our backup strategie in the datacenter but still lacked one problem: we can only backup systems that already are in our datacenter.


In our opinion this isn't enough. We also need a solution that covers "external" customers. Sure, this is what Veeam B&R cloud edition is made for but in my opinion the cloud edition isn't still enough. It's not only about archiving some or most of your backup data to the cloud, you also have to make sure you can get the restores fast for EVERY restore point, not only for the few you keep inhouse. So cloud edition is a cool solution but as already said, not enough for us.

So we decided to create a new offer based on Veeam B&R (so we can use all the funky features of this product), combine all the advantages of the standard and the cloud edition and add some more benefit.

This resulted in a product called //FlexBackup. //FlexBackup is, as already said, based on Veeam B&R. You will get an appliance from us running all the funky backup stuff. The appliance has some internal storage to keep the most recent versions of your restore points. All (or selected) other data will get copied to our datacenter by leveraging the inbuilt WAN acceleration. (up to here it's quite the same as cloud edition)

Once stored in our datacenter the backup data can be used to instantly start your systems by using a second product of TechniData IT Service, the //FlexCloud. With //FlexCloud you can use virtual ressources on a pay-as-you-go model so only in case of desaster (and I don't only think about planes crashing in your datacenter, there are a lot more "convenient" resons why you loose a majority of your data, just think about corrupt VMFS headers....) you can simply book these ressources, start your VMs and get back to business.

This, of course, only works well if you can access your VMs in the //FlexCloud without any manual changes. That's why we add a transparent layer2 network connection to the product.

So at the bottom line, we don't want to build a new Amazon cloud space, we don't want to be a second Azure, //FlexBackup will be a scalable backup and recovery product that grows with your needs. By the way, FlexBackup is designed to be a self-service tool but it can also be used as a fully managed backup solution as well as an extension to your existing Veeam backup infrastructure.

One more note and this is probably very important for all potential customers from Germany: our datacenter is located in Germany so we will not ship your data outside the EU or even Germany at all. So if you are scared of using cloud services because of the recent news about U.S. services getting access to your data, just be sure your data will not leave the country.

If you are interested in using //FlexBackup in any way or if you need more information, just goto the //FlexBackup homepage or give us a call.

I'm pretty sure we can build a solution that fits your needs and is also affordable and secure.  

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