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Veeam Endpoint Backup RC and Update2 for B&R

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A few days ago, Veeam released RC version of Veeam Endpoint backup (version Beside the fact that it is not beta code anymore and you can now use it even in production environments, there are some significant changes and enhancements in the code that makes this piece of software some kind of a gold nugget.

To mention only the most important new features of the RC version:

  • integration in Veeam Backup&Replication including:
    • direct backup into Veeam repositories
    • monitoring from client backups inside the Veeam B&R GUI
    • alerting
    • restore of files, application data and whole disks from within the B&R GUI
    • export disks as vmdk/vhd/vhdxf
  • full support for bitlocker enabled disks
  • encryption of backups stored in repositories
  • and many more. For a complete list of new features and enhancements please see this link

To use the integration of VEP with VBR you have to install update 2 on your VBR infrastructure. Update 2 is a major update for VBR 8 that also adds some significant enhancements to the backup tool. First to mention here is full support for vSphere 6 (keep the CBT bug in mind mentioned in the prior post), including support for VSAN 2.0 and vVols. Furthermore some NetApp integration enhancements and general performance enhancements in every subcategory. For a complete list of new features and enhancements please see this link

I've updated our Demolab to vSphere 6, VSAN 2.0, vVols with an HP 3PAR 7200 system and Veeam B&R8 Update 2. Until now, all backup jobs run without any problems, including storage integartion of the 3PAR system and backup of vVol. Update was flawless and until now I wasn't hitten by the CBT bug but I only backup a few VMs with less than 20 vmdks in sum. So probably I will run into problems as soon as I raise the number of VMs to be backed up.


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