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Rebooting DCS without stopping virtualization is OK

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One of the benefits, Windows Server 2012 and above brings to Datacore's SANsymphony software is the possibility to reboot the Windows OS without prior stopping of Datacore's virtualization in the GUI or via powershell. Formerly you had to stop the virtualization in the correct way to avoid an "unexpected shutdown" and thus a full recovery of all your vdisks. Since Server 2012 this is not mandatory anymore. It is still the best way to do a reboot of your DCS but if you forget to do so you won't be out of redundancy for a quite long time anymore.

The reason behind the new possible "way" to reboot a DCS is the way Windows handles tasks and services during a reboot or shutdown call. All Windows versions prior 2012 gave each service a maximum shutdown time of 30s. After the 30s the process was killed and the server shutted down. 30s was to fast for the DCS service to flush the cache to disk and stop gracefully so you got an "unexpected shutdown". Newer Windows Server versions offer the running services the ability to block the shutdown process for a longer time before it will be killed so the DataCore Executive service has enough time to shutdown gracefully.

Unfortunately this new "feature" isn't documented anywhere in the official documentation and I only got the information from support after we "lost" the DCS because Windows Update wasn't disabled and the hosts were rebooted due to patch installation. After the systems came up again, all vdisks had a log recovery and the environment was clean after a few minutes.

I have no bullet proof OK from Datacore support to forget stopping SANsymphony in the GUI before rebooting or shutting down Windows Server so I will probably keep stopping it the "old fashioned way" and still have Windows update being disabled to avoid automatic reboots but I feel much more secure to be sparsed by unneccessary full recoveries as before.

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