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SSY-V: A time out has occurred while recording performance data

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Two of my customers complained about an error after recent DataCore SSY-V updates that fill up their event logs in the DCS GUI.

The error is:

WARNING: A time out has occurred while recording performance data. This could be a result of insufficient processing resources on the selected recording server. Reduce the amount of counters configured in the recording session or select a recording server with sufficient processing resources

I checked all settings but no performance recording was active. To be more specific, not even a recording server was configured. In one environment I'm pretty sure there was never such a recording configured.

Concerned about unneeded I/O on the DCS or any buffer overflow I talked to DataCore support and they told me that this is a known issue with recent SSY-V versions and that this problem is probably coming from formerly configured recordings that are not properly imported in the new config. These error messages are annoying but not harmful at all so you can simply ignore them until the problem is fixed within a new PSP. By the way, even with PSP4 update 1 the problem still exists.

Hope PSP5 that is planned to be available within the next few days the problem is solved.

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