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SANsymphony-V 10 PSP1 released

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On November 13th DataCore released the first feature pack for SANsymphony-V 10. The PSP1 includes several bug fixes but also adds new features. First let's have alook at the new features:

  • Sequential Storage Option. This feature adds improved performance algorithms to mainly sequential write workloads. As this is an option you have to license it separately. The option can be turned on on a vdisk base.
  • Scalability. You now can add up to 64 DataCore servers in a single group
  • QoS. You now can limit throughput or I/Os in a multi tenant implementation
  • Maintenance mode. Similar to the function already know in other virtualization software you now can plan maintenance on specific hosts and SSY-V will take care about the data availability.
  • Performance Monitoring now can export data to Windows Perfmon
  • Support for 16Gb Emulex adapters.

There are some more features but the ones above are the most important in my opinion. For a list of all new features refer to the Release notes available in the download section on the DataCore website.

Beside these new features there are several bug fixes included and if I say several, I really mean a quite amount of fixes. First there are 5 critical bug fixes that all deal with system crashes in specific scenarios like snapshot removal or resizing of a vdisk.

Furthermore there are 41 problems solved, spread over the categories replication, user interface, high availability, installation, datacore controller, auto-tiering, transports, snapshots and misc. Most of them should only occur in very specific constellations like on DataCore server with japanese languages. So the number of solved problems seems to very high at first sight but if you dig a bit deeper you probably won't be affected by any of these solved problems at all. I manage several installations and none of these installations ever faced a single problem mentioned here in the release notes. 

Nevertheless, installing PSP1 should be mandatory, especially because DataCore support will ask you to update to this version whenever you open a case. So running on latest version is a good idea whenever you want to have a support to deal with your problem instantly. 

The installation file itself now comes in a self-extracting executable that first extracts to a directory and then automatically start the new deployment wizard. This wizard has the option for updating an existing installation. I still prefer the old-school manual method that is still available but you surely can give the new wizard a try.

PSP1 is free of charge for very DataCore user with a valid support contract. Installation takes ~10min for each DataCore server plus the time for mirror resync. Only prerequisite is .Net Framework 4.5.1.

I installed PSP1 today at a customer site and installation ran smoothly without any problems. I have to admit that this installation is straight-forward, no special setup and only basic functionality used. Features like snapshot, async replication or CDP are not in place. The only thing I observed after installation was the loss of my heat maps so AutoTiering was reset and all information about hot data was lost. I don't know if this is normal but it was no problem here.

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