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VeeamONE: failed to start VeeamRSS service

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In one of my current projects I was faced to do an infrastructure assessment to get a clear overview of the load on a VMware virtualized infrastructure. Of course, one of the best tools to achieve this is VeeamONE. I already wrote about VeeamONE and what it can do for you but this is not the topic of todays post.

Back to the project, I decided to install a VeeamONE server on top of the virtualized infrastructure. Installation went fine until quite before the setup ends and where it tries to start the services. The VeeamONE services consist of two sub services. The monitoring service and the reporting services. The first service started without any problems but the second service (VeeamRSS) won't start.

VeeamONE timeout2

You can skip the startup of this service during setup to complete the installation but sooner or later you will need the reporting engine to see what the monitoring service really collected.


I rebooted the system, changed startup mode from automatic to automatic delayed and even manual but nothing helped. What I was able to see was a quite loaded storage system the VM was running on. So the VMs reacted not very well at all.

If you check the Windows event logs you will see timeout messages that state the VeeamRSS service will not start within the specified time range of 30000ms (or 30sec).

There are three solutions for this problem:

  • speed up your virtualization subsystem (probably it is caused by the storage performance) to give the VM more power to react in a timely fashion
  • add more ressources to your VM as long as you see high memory or CPU usage rates during service startup
  • raise the timeout vaule for the services to start

If you have the same situation as me the first two options don't help or are impossible to achieve (I can't make a faster storage out of an overloaded storage subsystem) so the third option is the best thing to do.

To raise the timeout value open regedit on your system, goto HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control and add a new REG_DWORD with name "ServicesPipeTimeout" and a value of 60000 (decimal).

VeeamONE timeout

This will double the timeout for the service to start. Keep in mind, this is a global setting and will set the timeout for ALL services on the system to 60s. Shouldn't be a problem but keep in mind.

After a restart of the VM the VeeamRSS service started successfully.


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