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Veeam B&R v7 adds additional features

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In the last few months, Veeam revealed new features of version 7 of Veeam's Backup & Replication. Some of them I already mentioned on my blog.

Yesterday, Veeam announced two additional "secret" features that were not included in the already revealed 7 new features:

WAN-acceleration and backups from SAN snapshots.

Backup from SAN snapshots is quite cool if you have HP StoreVirtual (former Lefthand) or HP StorServe (former 3PAR) storage systems. Veeam can manage these storage systems to create 100% consistent snapshots on the storage side, mounting it to the Veeam proxy for processing and thus, reducing the load on the production VMs to a minimum. This helps you backing up VMs that have a very high change rate and take long to backup just like fileservers, Exchange servers or SQL database servers. Since the VM will be in snapshotmode only for a very short time, the changes to commit during snapshot removal will be quite low. Cool....


The second feature, WAN-acceleration, will help you in bringing your backups offsite. Because of the huge amount of data snapshot backups still deliver, there has to be an improvement made in the way, these data will get transferred to offsite hosts. Veeam developed a special WAN-accelerator that is optimized for their backup storage archives.

WAN-acceleration will be setup just like the proxy or repository role so it will be quite easy to deploy even without strong knowledge of your network.


Finally, it seems v7 will be another great step to fully automated backup and replication, even offsite or for long retention periods (tape support) with minimal side effects on the performance of your VMs.

Can't wait for Q3/2013 to roll out this new piece of software in our demolab :-)

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