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Veeam B&R Cloud Edition released

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Veeam is about to release a new edition of their famous Backup&Recovery software - the Cloud Edition.

With this new edition users will be able to backup and replicate their VMs as usual but this time using cloud providers as target.

Here are some information about the new edition:

  • Supports 15 cloud vendors, including Amazon and Azure
  • No cloud API’s to learn
  • No re-design of local backup processes
  • Encryption on the fly or at rest

You can also watch a short preview video here.

Technically spoken Veeam will support every cloud provider that is built on OpenStack so initially even more than 15 officially announced cloud vendors will be supported.

This new edition is mainly targeted to single-site SMBs to give them the ability to perfom offsite backups. As the edition has built-in OpenStack support Veeam offers a standard for offsite backups, so no need to create custom-built and inflexible solutions anymore.

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