"Hyperconverged" infrastructure with SimpliVity

With the recent acqusition of the TCC products GmbH into the TechniData IT Service Group we now have a new player for hyperconverged infrastructures (aka datacenter-in-a-box) in our portfolio. The name is SimpliVity. Maybe you've already heard about it but they are quite new on the market especially in the DACH region and so TCC is one of the first resellers of these systems here in Germany.

SimpliVity combines server virtualization software, networking and storage within a single system making it extremly simple to build up a complete virtualization infrastructure. For now this sounds quite common as there are other vendors already on the market that offer the same at first look but SimpliVity is a litte bit different. To understand the difference we have to take a closer look at their products. First there are three different models of the SimpliVity OmniCube. Starting with the CN-2000 at the lower end, the CN-3000 is the most common system in the middle class and at the high-end there is the CN-5000 series. You can get a detailed comparision of the three classes here

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