Fusion-IO cards in DataCore servers

Recently I got the chance to gather some experience with Fusion-IO cards. One of our customers decided to add AutoTiering support to their DataCore environment and as he has HP hardware in place, he decided to buy some I/O Accelerator cards from HP. These cards are nothing else than Fusion-IO cards labeld with a HP sign.

So he bought four 1.2TB ioDriveDuo Gen1, two for each server. Mirroring one card to the other via DataCOre's MirrorDisk feature adds some pretty level of hardware redundancy.

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Datacore and QLogic NICs

A few weeks ago I had an installation of DataCore SANmelody on two HP DL370G6 servers at one of our customers. They want to use iSCSI for storage presentation. The customer wanted to lower the price of the solution so we decided to minimize the additional hardware. No problem, the HP DL370G6 servers we configured as serverhardware for the storage nodes, already have a quadport GBit network adapter preconfigured so why not use them as iSCSI target adapter. We configured a separate two port GBit NIC from Intel, the HP NC360T, to spread the iSCSI target ports across two pieces of hardware for redundancy reasons.

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DataCore with Fujitsu Eternus DX440S2

Usually we use DataCore's storage virtualization software SANsymphony-V with entry level storage systems like HP's P2000 series or Fujitsu Eternus DX80/90 systems or even direct-attached SAS storage in the storage servers itself. This is a quite common usage scenario as the HA features like synchronous mirroring or the performance improvements by using large amount of cache doesn't have to be provided by the storage system itself but rather by the storage virtualization software. This keeps initial hardware costs as low as possible by simultaneously giving you a quite decent performance and data safety.

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Datacore and HP MSA2000 G2

Datacore and HP MSA2000 G2..... google the web and you won't find any post with possible problems or even warnings. Unfortunately this doesn't mean that there aren't some.

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Activating ALUA on existing and mapped LUNs

Since SANmelody 3.0.2 and SANsymphony 7.0.2 Datacore supports ALUA (Asymmetric Logical Unit Access). This enables users of VMware ESX to use two more path policies beside MRU (Most Recently Used) - the fixed path policy and the round robin path policy.

Both new policies have some advantages over MRU so you should really think about using one of them as your new default path policy.

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