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In one of our latest projects I was faced with a new kind of demand on the central storage system. Normally customers ask for a fast, reliable, inexpensive storage system but this time, beside these standard demands, the customer needed features like multi-tenancy and a robust quality of service engine. The reason behind this is quite easy to understand. The customer has a central IT and several business units. The central IT is responsible for providing compute and storage ressources. Because of the different requirements from the business units they started to build their own infrastructure, especially in the storage area where the central IT was unable to deliver the services as the BUs needed. Major requirement from the BUs were high capacity, high performance CIFS/NFS shares that were used to store their critical data. Additionally, reliablity was also a key factor but costs should be lowered to a minimum (nothing new :-) ). As the central IT that was bound to high-price SAN-systems and thus was unable to deliver the services in an acceptable way, the BUs started to self-solve their problems by buying cheap NAS systems on their own. So there was a NAS sprawl within the company. The central IT was still responsible for management and esecially backup of this data but was unable to do their job as the NAS systems were bought without their knowledge.

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